Emerging from the mother’s womb into the big big world. There is so much to explore! Bring the fascinating world to the tiny one and start the lifelong exploration from day one.

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World Map

From: SGD 113

The world is full of surprises.


From: SGD 110

Satisfy your little one’s curiosity by exploring the world.


From: SGD 129

Let your little one be their own navigator of life.

Traveller Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 121

Travelling around the world is like a dream.

Adventurer Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 143

Does your little one love adventures?

Explorer Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 160

Let your little one explore the world.

Voyager Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 109

Let your little one go on a voyage.

Expedition Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 99

Is your little one determined to go on an expedition?

Discoverer Kaiby Box Out Of Stock


From: SGD 99

Let your little one discover the wonders of the world.

Big Big World Kaiby Box Out Of Stock

Big Big World

From: SGD 128

I’m a small small baby in a big big world.