Wooden Toy Car
Rainbow Fish Cloth Book
Sheep Baby Mat 1
Animal Baby Mat 1

The Less-Than-Perfect Box

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Wooden Toy Car (Less-Than-Perfect)

Chipped surfaces. We file it to smooth out the unevenness as much as possible before shipping it out.

Rainbow Fish Cloth Book (Less-Than-Perfect)


Sheep Baby Mat (Less-Than-Perfect)


Animal World Baby Mat (Less-Than-Perfect)


Free Delivery (Min. $80) by Mon, 12 Jun

As part of our reduce-waste programme, we are offering our less-than-perfect toys at up to 90% discount.

These toys may be stained (during transport or manufacturing) and/or slightly damaged. We recommend cleaning first before playing with the toys.

The toy will still be delivered in our Kaiby gift box. Free delivery will also be available and will take 2 to 5 working days.

This Kaiby Box IS NOT suitable to be purchased as a gift, thus a gift card will not be included.

The toys are all NEW but stained toys.

The packaging box used will also be a Less-Than-Perfect packaging box which may be stained or slightly damaged.

Once sold, we do not accept any return or exchange.