Silicon Rainbow Stacker


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The Silicon Rainbow Stacker represents a delightful and educational toy, making it an excellent choice as a gift for baby showers or newborns. With its vibrant colours and soft textures, this stacker presents an enjoyable way for babies to explore their developing senses and learn about the world around them.

Constructed from safe, food-grade silicone, the Rainbow Stacker provides an array of shapes and sizes to pique the curiosity of the little ones. Each of the stackable pieces is designed to be easily handled by tiny hands, encouraging them to build, sort, and explore. As babies manipulate the stacker, they are engaged in a hands-on learning experience that helps foster their motor skills and cognitive development.

Furthermore, the silicon construction of the stacker offers a soothing texture for babies who are teething, adding an extra layer of functionality to this versatile toy. It serves as both an engaging toy and a learning tool, introducing little ones to a world of shapes, sizes, and colours in a fun and interactive way. It is not just a gift; it is an investment in the early learning journey of a child. Celebrate the joy of new parenthood with this innovative and captivating baby gift, a perfect addition to any baby’s playtime repertoire.

A classic and timeless toy. Brightly-coloured open-ended play toy for babies to stack and have some fun. Helps in building fine-motor skills and also stimulates baby’s senses.

Items: 6 pieces of pastel colour rainbow arc
Food grade silicone. Free from latex, BPA, and harmful phthalates.
Dimensions (cm): 14 by 7.5 by 5