Polar Bear Series Baby Hampers

Symbolising endurance, strength, determination, protection, and peace, our polar bear baby mat is ideal for the little one’s life journey to overcome challenges and achieve happiness. Together with the bundle of baby toys, let’s begin learning through playing.

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Bear Bear

SGD 86

Is your little one as cute as a bear bear?

Polar Bear

SGD 94

Does your little one look cute and fluffy like a polar bear?


SGD 136

Singapore’s Inuka – your favourite polar bear.


SGD 73

Your little one’s skin is soft and tender.


SGD 87

Your little one just look like a big marshmallow – all soft and fluffy.

Cotton Candy

SGD 80

Is your little one as sweet and fluffy as cotton candy?


SGD 99

Your little one is as soft as snow.