Satisfy your little one’s curiosity with Peek-A-Boo

Cuddle with the comfy mini bear and play peek-a-boo with the baby safe flip mirror. Stimulate your little one’s senses with the high contrast cards, jungly fun cloth book and ocean fun cloth book. Make some sound with the rabbit rattle and go on an adventure together with the wooden toy car.

Nice selection of gifts with varying price. I was looking for baby gift for colleague, and Kaiby selection of gifts was fit for my budget and it has nice quality of toys.

Jacintha James
June 23, 2022

Really good quality and fun products in every box! 4 babies have agreed so far (:

Charissa Lin
June 22, 2022

I’ve sent my friends w newborns kaiby boxes cause i found it one of the most practical when i received it for my baby! It has so many practical sensory toys and beautiful blanket in a pretty box and free delivery. My only wish is that we could customise it alittle bit more and has more varied items to top up the existing bundles!:)

Yan Lin Choo
June 22, 2022

Delivery was super fast! Items in the box are of good quality. Great as a gift!

Kerry Lyca Boon
June 18, 2022

A very smooth, fuss-free experience from ordering the Kaiby Box online to its delivery the following day. Love the service and the cute products. Definitely will order another Kaiby box in future.

Chea Ann Lee
June 17, 2022

This gift box from kaiby is super awesome. My little one loves it so so so much. The customized bear is my boy’s favourite. It comforts my boy and he holds him to sleep every night without patting. Thanks for such a great bear ❤️❤️❤️

Linglan Guo
June 17, 2022

Having received a few Kaiby boxes when I had my newborn, it’s now my turn to gift them! Really love the content in the boxes. Little one still loves playing with the cards till now. A super good choice for gift!

Jerry Lye
June 17, 2022

Good quality and cute products. Hassle free with doorstep delivery and freebies upon reviews too!

Michelle Kok
June 16, 2022

I had some enquiry and WhatsApp them & they reply to my question very quickly!

Elizabeth Lim
June 14, 2022

very fuss free in ordering! i also liked that there are options to add for the mother (e.g. bird nest, chicken essence) when ordering a gift for newborn

Gwen Lee
June 13, 2022

Beautiful gift sets suitable for kids of many different ages. Very seamless and convenient delivery and checkout process!

Pan Shuqin
June 13, 2022

Very smooth interface and I could filter and find what I can buy according to my budget. The selections are a little different from the mainstream hampers which made it unique. Love the mats and little cloth books which are really good for the little ones. ❤️

Jalaine Wong
June 12, 2022

My second time purchasing and the service is always great. The products are really great too and affordable, along with free delivery. The products are quite different from other gifts shop which makes them unique.

Teck Quan Koh
June 12, 2022

Easy to use website with lots of options available.

Julian Wong
June 11, 2022

Such a lovely box of gifts for a newborn! My friends were delighted to receive it. Delivery was prompt too -- it arrived within 2 days. Thank you!

Nishalini Saralatan
June 11, 2022

Great quality and interesting activities to keep my child occupied. Thank you 🙂

Qiquan Wee
June 10, 2022

The whole selection journey was fast but nonetheless fulfilling and fun. The best part of it is the joy from the receiving party. Kaiby truly outdid themselves by spreading the love and care to our recipients.

Nicholette Goh
June 10, 2022

Nice items

Nana Lawletta
June 10, 2022

I am happy to receive this presentable gift box from my company. It’s really useful and essentials when comes to learning new things for my newborn. Looking forward to that day.

June 10, 2022

Hassle free purchase and love the vibrant colours of all the items!


  • Newborn to 9 months old


  • Baby Safe Flip Mirror
  • Wooden Toy Car
  • Comfy Mini Bear
  • Little Red Soothing Cloth
  • Jungly Fun Cloth Book
  • Ocean Fun Cloth Book
  • Cute Rabbit Rattle
  • Mini High Contrast BW Cards (40pcs)
  • Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards (40pcs)

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Add 1 to 2 more items to complete your gift box

Add Personalised Wooden Name Blocks

Laser-engraved, unpainted, no varnish and baby-safe. Natural wood colour with varying woodgrains. Each block is about 4x4x4cm.

  • Only English alphabets are allowed.Min: 3 charactersMax: 3 characters

  • Only English alphabets are allowed.Min: 4 charactersMax: 4 characters

  • Only English alphabets are allowed.Min: 5 charactersMax: 5 characters

  • Only English alphabets are allowed.Min: 6 charactersMax: 6 characters

  • Min: 7 charactersMax: 14 characters

Add Personalised Name Embroidery

Baby name embroidery on the comfy mini bear. Please allow an additional 1-2 working days for embroidery work.

  • Max 10 characters. Only English alphabets are allowed. Do provide the baby's name in the uppercases and lowercase that you want to be embroidered.Min: 1 charactersMax: 10 characters

Add a Nursing Cover with 360° privacy

Add a Kaiby Flower Bouquet

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