Partnership registration for 2023 is now open. Please register early as only limited sponsorships are available.

Kaiby Partners

As part of our Give Back Programme., we are sponsoring 50 to 100 local pre-school with baby toys.

Benefits of a Kaiby Partner:
Kaiby Name Blocks (click to view) for all existing and new infants. A box of new toys (5 to 10 toys) for the infant class every year.

Your preschool must have an infant care programme.

How to apply?
Fill up and submit the form below. We’ll reply within 5 working days.

Renewal of Sponsorship:
We will re-evaluate each preschool every calendar year and renew the sponsorship accordingly.

Do you need to do anything?
We expect all Kaiby Partners to upload our partner’s badge to their website. Any short write-up on the sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.