Play is the highest form of research!

The birth of Song Yi in 2018, the inspiration for Kaiby Box.
The birth of Song Yi in 2018, the inspiration for Kaiby Box.

When Kaiby Box’s founders Adeline and Zhi Kai welcomed their first child, they were delighted.

As Adeline is an early-childhood teacher in a school for special needs students, thus she has long valued the importance of toys as the tools for kids to learn.

As Albert Einstein says, “Play is the highest form of research”.

Buying toys is almost a daily affair as she browses shopping apps like Carousell, Shopee, Lazada and stopping by at Kiddy Palace and Toysrus to buy new toys as well as pre-loved ones.

Every toy seems to be bought for a good reason, but the non-stop buying of toys is worrisome to Zhi Kai.

Zhi Kai envisioned a way for mummies to get their monthly dose of toys for their treasured little ones without overspending beyond their budget.

In Nov 2018, Kaiby Box is born.

Kaiby is pronounced as “Kai-Be”, meaning Kai Baby as both parents have the word “Kai” in their names.

Kaiby Box is headquartered in Singapore。

UPDATES: In 2020, Mei Mei joined the family =)

Song Ni joined the family in 2020.
Adeline (Lady Boss of Kaiby) & Family in 2022 @ Jewel (Singapore Changi Airport)