My First Book Cloth Book (Shapes & Colours)


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The “My First Book” Cloth Book, themed around Shapes & Colours, is a crafted educational toy targeted primarily towards infants. As a baby gift, it is suitable for baby showers and for welcoming newborns.

Constructed from soft, baby-friendly materials, the book features an array of shapes and colours, which not only captivate the infant’s attention but also stimulate their developing senses. The colourful illustrations and tactile shapes provide a multi-sensory experience, making this cloth book an excellent tool for promoting visual and tactile development.

Through interaction with this cloth book, infants receive subtle stimulation of their fine motor skills and sensory development. The process of turning the pages aids in honing their hand-eye coordination, and the colourful and diverse shapes introduce them to the concept of visual differentiation.

The book is lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for keeping the little ones entertained on the go. The “My First Book” Cloth Book (Shapes & Colours) encapsulates the joy of learning and exploration, making it a suitable gift for new parents and their infants. As a baby gift, it combines educational value with entertainment, promising a cherished and beneficial addition to any infant’s early learning journey.

Dimensions (cm): 17 by 17