Mini Pop-It Baby Phone


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Constructed from soft silicone and featuring bright colours, this charming baby toy stimulates the child’s senses, providing endless hours of sensory entertainment while also encouraging the development of fine motor skills. An excellent gift option for newborns, meriting inclusion in any list of baby shower gifts.

Safety considerations form an integral part of the Mini Pop-It Baby Phone’s design, making it suitable for infants to explore and engage with. Its compact dimensions and lightweight nature ensure that it can be conveniently transported, providing sensory play opportunities wherever the child goes.

The Mini Pop-It Baby Phone represents a thoughtful and engaging gift choice that marries playfulness with developmental advantages, appealing to both parents and infants. The interactive “pop-it” bubbles add an additional element of enjoyment, reinforcing its status as a fundamental sensory toy in any nursery.

The Mini Pop-It Baby Phone is an embodiment of the joy of new parenthood. It is an educational gift that promotes the joy of exploration and discovery, signifying an optimal gift for both the occasion and the development of the child.

Material: Food-grade Silicon and Plastic
Dimensions (cm): 8 x 12