About Kaiby Card

For every customer account with us, there is a Kaiby Card too. You will be able to top-up and purchase anything on our online store (Singapore) with the credits.

If you are an existing customer with us, just log in and find it in your dashboard. 

If you are a new customer, do sign up for a new account here.

How it works?
During checkout, you can choose to pay with your Kaiby Card. One Kaiby credit is equivalent to one Singapore dollar.

How to top-up?
Log in to your account here and you can top up under the Kaiby Card section.

Is there a minimum amount for top-up?
It’s $10.

Will the credits expire?
No. It will not expire.

Can I withdraw the credits in my Kaiby Card?
No. Once top-up, you will not be able to withdraw the credits.

What else is the Kaiby Card used for?
Any form of cash-back (if applicable) will also be transferred to your Kaiby Card.

Can I transfer my Kaiby Credits to another person?

Can I make payment for my order with my Kaiby Card partially and together with another form of payment (e.g. Credit Card)?

How do I get my cashback?
Cashback are credited into your Kaiby Card once your order has been fully processed. More information on cashback can be found here.