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SGD 55.00

Bring your little one closer to nature.

Green Leaf

SGD 52.00

They say the colour green is good for eyes.

Jungly Fun

SGD 66.00

Go on a jungle adventure with your little one.


SGD 62.00

Travelling around the world is like a dream.


SGD 70.00

Does your little one love adventures? 


SGD 102.00

Let your little one explore the world.

Polar Bear

SGD 58.00

Does your little one look cute like a polar bear?


SGD 62.00

Your little one is as soft as snow.


SGD 56.00

Singapore’s Inuka – your favourite polar bear.

Meh Meh

SGD 65.00

Stimulate your little one’s senses with Meh Meh.

Yang Meh Meh

SGD 65.00

Introduce your little one into a little farm world.


SGD 71.00

Pamper your little one like a sweetheart.


SGD 43.00

Train your little one’s muscles with our little gym.


SGD 35.00

Satisfy your little one’s curiosity with peek-a-boo.

The Brainy

SGD 79.00

Kickstart your little one’s learning journey.


SGD 35.00

Sayang your little one with our cute toys.

Lovely Cutie

SGD 27.00

Fill your little one’s heart with our lovely toys.

Little Dream

SGD 29.00

A little dream gift set for your little one.

Wild One

SGD 39.00

Have a wild one with your little one.


SGD 38.00

A rainbow to brigthen up your little one’s day.

Tiny Ones

SGD 37.00

Tiny toys for your tiny human beings.

Little Farm

SGD 53.00

Introduce your little one to a little farm world.

Cutie Pie

SGD 60.00

Let your cuite pie enjoy some of our cutest toys.

Special Four

SGD 30.00 SGD 25.00

Specially put together with love.

Special Five

SGD 32.00 SGD 27.00

Specially put together with love.

Road Trip Kaiby Box Out Of Stock

Road Trip

SGD 52.00

Travel with your little one when they are still so small.

Beep Beep Kaiby Box Out Of Stock

Beep Beep

SGD 52.00

The horns on the car goes beep beep! 

Little Town Kaiby Box Out Of Stock

Little Town

SGD 82.00

It takes a town to raise a child.