BW Baby Cot Bumper Cloth Book


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An exquisite blend of learning and comfort, tailor-made for the newborn. This isn’t merely a baby gift – it’s a delightful tool that supports the baby’s visual development from the very start. The soft, textured book showcases a striking contrast of black and white patterns, stimulating the little one’s growing vision, thus serving as a great addition to their cognitive development journey.

But the magic doesn’t end there. As a cot bumper attachment, it keeps the baby engaged and entertained while ensuring comfort and safety during those precious nap times. The innovative design lets the baby explore, learn, and grow, even while resting.

Imagine the excitement of unwrapping such a unique and thoughtful baby shower gift. This cloth book exemplifies original gift ideas, stepping away from the conventional to offer something uniquely beneficial. For those looking for the perfect baby shower present or a memorable newborn gift, the BW Baby Cot Bumper Cloth Book is a standout choice. It’s a delightful blend of fun, learning, and comfort, promising to leave a lasting impression on both parents and baby.

Dimensions (cm): 81 x 15