Build Your Own Box (Without Baby Mat)

From: SGD 34

Create your own custom Kaiby Baby Box with our High Contrast Cards, Baby Newspaper, Cute Rabbit Rattle and any toys of your choice.

Mini High Contrast BW Cards

In stock

Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards

In stock

Baby Newspaper

In stock

Cute Rabbit Rattle

In stock

Baby Safe Mirror

Animal Sock Rattle

Animal Wrist Rattle

Puppy Cloth Book

Jungly Fun Cloth Book

Ocean Fun Cloth Book

Farm Fun Cloth Book

Comfy Mini Bear

Peek-A-Boo Cloth Book

Wooden Toy Car

Chicken Essence (68ml) × 3

A gift for the awesome mummy. Add 3 bottles of Brand's Chicken Essence (Original) to your Kaiby Box.