Baby Months Wooden Cards (Animals)


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The Baby Months Wooden Cards featuring animal designs offer a unique and enduring way to document a child’s growth during their initial months, thus holding a significant position in the diverse range of newborn gifts available. Comprising 17 wooden pieces and a pouch, this set enables parents to capture and immortalise the monthly milestones of their offspring. Made from durable wood, these cards are designed to last, making them an invaluable keepsake that can be cherished for years.

In addition to its primary function of milestone tracking, the animal-themed illustrations add an element of visual interest, thereby augmenting the set’s appeal as a gift option. Whether one is attending a baby shower or simply looking for newborn gift ideas, this product serves as both a sentimental gift and a functional tool for parents. Furthermore, its high-quality wooden construction aligns with its purpose as a long-lasting memento, distinguishing it within the broader category of baby gifts.

While the cards are inherently functional, serving to aid in the cataloguing of a child’s early development, their aesthetic appeal should not be underestimated. The animal motifs not only engage the child but also serve as a charming decorative element, enhancing any photograph or display in which they are featured.

Includes: 17 wooden pieces and a pouch