Baby Mats Collection

Our popular baby mats are soft and comfortable for the little one. Bundled with awesome toys, these combinations are truly fantastic as gifts as they are very useful for the baby’s growth.

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SGD 125

Travelling around the world is like a dream.


SGD 167

Let your little one explore the world.


SGD 117

Let your little one go on a voyage.


SGD 99

Is your little one determined to go on an expedition?

World Map

SGD 118

The world is full of surprises.


SGD 104

Let your little one discover the wonders of the world.


SGD 111

Satisfy your little one’s curiosity by exploring the world.


SGD 130

Let your little one be their own navigator of life.

Bear Bear

SGD 86

Is your little one as cute as a bear bear?

Polar Bear

SGD 94

Does your little one look cute and fluffy like a polar bear?


SGD 136

Singapore’s Inuka – your favourite polar bear.


SGD 73

Your little one’s skin is soft and tender.


SGD 87

Your little one just look like a big marshmallow – all soft and fluffy.

Cotton Candy

SGD 80

Is your little one as sweet and fluffy as cotton candy?


SGD 99

Your little one is as soft as snow.

Meh Meh

SGD 108

Stimulate your little one’s senses with our Meh Meh gift set.


SGD 150

Let your little one explore the world.

Little Lamb

SGD 100

Baby has a little lamb, its fleece is white as snow. 

Little Chubby

SGD 87

Treat your little chubby to some cuddles and hugs.


SGD 94

Does your little one look cute and fluffy like a sheep?

Sweet Dreams

SGD 113

We all hope our little ones have sweet dreams.


SGD 129

Your little one is a survivor.


SGD 111

Explore the safari world with your little one.


SGD 116

Your little one and cute animals becoming BFFs?

Animal Friends

SGD 130

Let your little one make friends with the cute animals.

Wild Wild West

SGD 142

Get wild with your little one by meeting the friendly animals.