Baby Hamper: 7 to 9 Months

Kaiby Baby Box
Newborn Baby Hamper

What's Included In The Baby Hamper?

Your Kaiby box includes six toys — all curated just for your baby.

1: Giraffe Roly-poly Toy


  • 1 x Giraffe Roly-poly

How to play?
Place the toy near baby and let baby touch/push. The toy will move a short distance to encourage baby to follow the toy by crawling or scooting.

2: Mommy and Me Cloth Book


  • 1 x Cloth book

How to play?
Lay/sit near baby and read the book. Point and talk about the pictures. Let baby hold/touch the flaps/labels.

3: Colourful Rattle Ball


  • 1 x Rattle Ball

How to play?
Place the toy near baby. Let baby touch/hold rattle to produce sound. Can act as a teether for baby to chew.

4: Checkered Crinkle Cloth


  • 1 x Crinkle cloth

How to play?
Let baby touch/grasp the cloth to explore and produce sound. Identify and label the pictures (“oh, this is a house!”) when baby is looking at the toy.

5: Comfy Mini Bear


  • 1 x of Teddy bear comfort cloth

How to play?
Let baby touch/hold the cloth. Textured fabrics and bright colors can help develop baby’s sensory awareness. Place the cloth over your face to play peek-a-boo with baby.

6: Hammering Toy with Drum


  • 1 x Toy Hammer
  • 4 x Colour balls
  • 1 x Drum

How to play?
Let baby match the balls to the colours found on the drum. Let baby hold the hammer and hit the balls while counting. Flip the toy to let baby play with the drum.

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Kaiby Box

6 Awesome Toys
Newborn Baby Hamper


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