Baby Hamper: 4 to 6 Months

Kaiby Baby Box
Newborn Baby Hamper

What's Included In The Baby Hamper?

Your Kaiby box includes eight toys — all curated just for your baby.

1: Musical TV Box


  • 1 x Musical TV Box (Self-Winding)

How to play?
Switch to ON and turn the knob to produce music. Place in front of baby and let baby look at the moving pictures. Switch to OFF to stop the music.

2: Colourful Hanging Toy


  • 1 x Hanging Toy

How to play?
Hang it above baby to let him look at the toy/pictures. Place the hanging toy within baby’s sight but just out of reach to encourage her to grasp/kick.

3: Vehicles Cloth Book


  • 1 x cloth book about vehicles

How to play?
Lay/sit near baby and read the book. Point and talk about the pictures. Let baby hold/touch the flaps/labels.

4: Colourful High Contrast Cards


  • 1 x 48 colourful cards

How to play?
Lay 3-4 cards on the mat while baby is doing tummy time. Let baby spend a few minutes looking at the pictures and touch/hold the cards. Contrasting colourful patterns stimulate sense of sight.

5: Crinkle Activity Cloth


  • 1 x Crinkle activity cloth

How to play?
Place the activity cloth near baby. Let baby touch/grasp the cloth to explore the different textures and produce sound.

6: Banana Teether


  • 1 x of silicon teether

How to play?
Wash before giving to baby. Let baby hold the teether and place in mouth to chew/bite. To give comfort and relief to baby when new teeth are developing.

7: Hanging Toy Rings


  • 6 X Colourful hanging rings

How to play?
Chain the rings together for baby to touch/hold/pull to encourage hand-eye coordination. Different textures to stimulate sense of touch.

To hook on to rattles/toys to be hanged on to strollers/cot.

8: Baby Safe Mirror


  • 1 x Baby safe mirror

How to play?
During tummy time, place the mirror in front of baby. Let baby explore the mirror by touching and smiling.

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Newborn Baby Hamper


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